Morel and Tushek&Spigel announce their brand partnership

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Morel and Tushek&Spigel announce their brand partnership

Morel and Tushek&Spigel announce their brand partnership
with an exclusive high-fidelity audio system for the new Tushek TS600

Ness-Ziona, Israel—July 2014 – Capitalizing on its extensive acoustic knowledge and the brand’s innovative technology, renowned high-end speaker manufacturer, Morel, is proud to announce a partnership with Tushek&Spigel Supercars GmbH to develop an exclusive high-fidelity audio system for the new limited production Tushek TS600 supercar.

H-S-4Tushek&Spigel, an Austrian super sport cars manufacturer, has been praised for its state of the art design and ambition to integrate some of the most advanced engineering and technologies into the company’s new lightweight, carbon fibre supercar, the Tushek TS600. The shared passion for excellence and craftsmanship is the common drive for both companies to create a special driving experience.

“We think that Morel is the excellence in its segment with a particular sensibility to take our new challenges as co-innovator of a same project, sharing our vision ‘The beauty of Speed’. “ Said Mr. Spigel.

Drawing from the Tushek&Spigel’s radical approach to design and use of exotic materials to create a light and strong hyper sports car will be the underlying design principle for the audio system. The high-fidelity system incorporates Morel’s pioneering technologies in two-channel audio reproduction designed and acoustically optimized for the TS600. Every detail of the system is co-developed between the brands for the utmost aesthetic continuity and the most lifelike audio reproduction in a factory offered audio system.


Tushek TS600 will be able to run over 350 km/h taking 0-100 in 2.9 seconds. The first supercar designed-by-emotion where the performances are the consolidated know-how and the added value of this project. With a V8-engine characterized from a 680 hp and 580 Nm, TS600 is developed in lightness thanks to the components in carbon fibre, titanium and ceramic those

permit a weight around only 1.100 kg. Without compromises, it will be the supercar that adapts for road and track dedicated at exclusive customers with a very limited production.
The new audio system will employ Morel’s latest speaker technology of carbon fibre cone coupled with a titanium voice coil to ensure maximum performance with the lightest materials possible. Handcrafted and customized for the new TS600, the new audio system promises to reproduce the thrill of live music.

Tushek&Spigel Supercars

Born in Austria in 2012, in the small town Mureck has the production of Super Sport Cars as principal activity with high investments in R&D. But the true aim is focalized on ‘Super’, adopting the vertical thinking in business development. With this approach the company wants
to create art-in-motion, a singular vision injected inside the luxury products and exclusive services.


An international leader in speaker components and systems since 1975, manufactures handcrafted, award-winning car audio that produces an exclusive range of components and component systems. Morel is renowned for its high-performance automotive OEM products for the car aftermarket hi-fi industry including two- and three-way systems, coaxial speakers, and components. Morel has dedicated years of R&D to developing unique technologies that overcome the limitations of car audio and offer exceptional performance.

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