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Price (MSRP): $2,999.00



New design goals and the quest for an even higher performance level make this new sub/sat system the closest ever to a high fidelity floor-standing 5.1 system.
The SoundSpot™ MT-3 was engineered for both home theatre and small Hi-Fi stereo systems applications, combining some of the most advanced innovative technologies and materials available with the finest craftsmanship and discrete design.
Comprised of the new SP-3, that is able to produce a mid/bass frequency sounding deep and robust – an incredible achievement from a 1.7 L enclosure. The base design allows a 270-degree lateral and 80-degree vertical adjustment, for total sound filed control while enabling the installer all mounting options, locking it into the desired position with a single screw.
Complementing the SP-3 is the new SoundSub™ PSW8e / PSW10e featuring a fibre-glass composite enclosure, fitted with an 8-inch/10-inch bass unit and a high power amplifier, it supplies seamless acoustic integration for the SoundSpot™ series while delivering a rich deep bass sound.
The MT-3 provides high quality sound performance with clarity and depth usually excepted from a full sub/bookshelf system. It will definitely place you at the heart of the action in your favorite multi-channel movie or make you feel as if you are at a live musical performance.


Configuration 5.1
Nominal Impedeance (Ohm) 6
Frequency Response (Hz) 30-22k
Sensetivity (dB) 89
Power Handling (WRMS) 90
Active Subwoofer Yes
Features omni-directional satellites Base bracket included for ceiling, shelf, and wall installations. Discrete Cable management
Finishes Sateen white/black

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