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Over the last 10 years Morel has built an international reputation for its award-winning SoundSpot™ satellite speaker systems; Users have complimented Morel on the high quality of its reproduction along with the modern, discreet appearance. However the passage of time has afforded Morel the opportunity to revisit the designs with a desire to enhance the already high standards of performance as well as the visual form and installation options.

Designing a genuine high performance satellite speaker means facing contradictions. To be a satellite means very small and discreet. On the other hand the need to reproduce as much of the audio spectrum as possible requires a relatively large enclosure. The Morel solution is to fashion a sphere using advanced metal processing that is strong yet light and only 1mm thick, preserving significant and valuable internal volume.
The SoundSpot™ Music Theatre satellite speakers are two-way point source systems. The advantage of this design is the listener’s experience a more stable and consistent sound off axis.

The SoundSpo Music Theatre series offers two performance and price options, available in black, white or champagne piano finishes.

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