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Solan 5.1 Home Theater System

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Price (MSRP): $3,499.00



Relying on almost four decades of experience, know-how and innovations – Morel took the challenge to deliver to a broader audience of music lovers a high quality music experience. Over three decades of know-how and uncompromised strive for innovation culminated to produce the all-new Solan. Being a market leader doesn’t entail producing the most expensive speaker. To the contrary, it is the ability to rise to the challenge and produce speakers that adhere to the company’s philosophy and quality at modest prices so a broader segment of music lovers can enjoy high quality music in their home. The SOLAN represents this approach.

The Solan5.1 Home theatre is the entrance to the world of Morel, and its versatile concept, consisting of floor-standing, bookshelf, centre channel and an active subwoofer, allows it to be used in both 2-channel and home theatre systems.

Subtle styling cues were used to design the Solan cabinet in order to appeal to a wider audience. Superior craftsmanship and refined design elements, such as the front glossy finish front baffle and the brushed aluminum base plate and, Lotus grille, set the Solan apart from other products in this price category.

Morel took great care to harmonize each Solan speaker so it integrates flawlessly in a home theatre set up. The frequency response and phase are identical in the Solan bookshelf, Solan floor-standing and Solan Centre thus providing a believable, coherent soundstage, all while producing a very dramatic and dynamic sound in their category.

The Solan series is sure to stir emotions for its style, quality performance, and value.


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