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Over three decades of know-how and uncompromised strive for innovation culminated to produce the all-new Solan. Being a market leader doesn’t entail producing the most expensive speaker. To the contrary, it is the ability to rise to the challenge and produce speakers that adhere to the company’s philosophy and quality at modest prices so a broader segment of music lovers can enjoy high quality music in their home. The SOLAN represents this appraoch.

The Solan is the entrance to the world of Morel, and its versatile concept, consisting of floorstanding, bookshelf, centre channel and an active subwoofer, allows it to be used in both 2-channel and home theatre systems.

As with all modern day Morel loudspeakers, many attributes and technologies were borrowed from Morel’s reference loudspeaker, the fat lady. Using this as a foundation allowed our engineers to take the Solan series to unprecedented performance levels, deftly fulfilling the primary objective of recreating the electric atmosphere generated at a concert as well as accurately reproducing the sound of live unamplified instruments and voices.

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