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The SoundWall™ M series speakers are made of two pieces (frame and speaker baffle). The frame can be installed in the wall at any stage of the construction while the speaker can be fitted at a later stage. This provides an opportunity to have the grille/frame painted and the assembly finished without damaging the loudspeaker in the building process. The drivers are installed on a CNC machined ¾” (19mm) MDF front plate, which dramatically reduces vibrations and resonance, as well as coloration, for perfectly balanced acoustics.

Drive units:The SoundWall™ M series is offered in three bass/midrange woofer sizes. Each requires a different internal wall volume and power handling for optimal operation. The difference in performance level is defined by the size of the bass/midrange woofers.

The M series woofers include the C.A.R (Controlled Acoustic Resistance) Filter™, originally designed for car applications. The filter optimizes the performance of the woofer in a free-air cavity and enables the in-wall to behave as if it had a conventional enclosure. In order to deliver a very wide dispersion at all frequencies the woofers have been designed with flat profile architecture.

Each woofer is fitted with a paper composite cone. The 5” and 6 “ woofers do their magic with a 2.1” (54 mm) large Hexatech™ external voice coil while the 8” woofer is supported by a massive 3” (75mm) Hexatech™ external voice coil, and a highly efficient magnet systems matched according to size.
The 1⅛” (28mm)Acuflex™ coated soft-dome tweeter has a 50-degree dispersion angle for each direction, making installation and alignment an easier task, all while providing a wider listening area without the need for directional/pivoting tweeters. To achieve optimal acoustics and for added flexibility the tweeter level attenuation is adjustable by +/-3dB. The tweeter is mounted in an acoustically profiled position.
An enhanced crossover provides greater control over the integration of the drive units for a smoother more accurate sound.The SoundWall series “wall-to-wall” sound stage will appeal to those who enjoy a magnificent performance that’s meant to be heard and not seen.


Frequency Response 38-22,000 Hz
Crossover 2,200Hz / 12 dB
Nominal Impedance 6 ohm
Sensitivity 2.83V / 1M 88 dB
Grille Metal
Power handling 100w
Operating power 20-150 W

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